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About the System

PROMISe -Procurement Management Information System is the single Web based interactive Government Procurement System introduced under the initiative of the Department of Public Finance of the Ministry of Finance and Mass Media. This system contains the following modules

  • Vendor Registration module
  • Procuring Entity Registration Module
  • Goods and Services categorization module
  • Procurement type, Procurement Plan and Procurement Activity Entering Module
  • Preparation of (Bidding/Proposals) Documentation including Technical Specifications module
  • Bidding Process, Clarification and Procurement Announcement / Request for Bids Module
  • Publication of Request for Bids (RFB)/Request for Quotations/Request for Expression of Interest Sub Module
  • Issuance of Bid/Quotations/Proposal/EOI/ Sub Module
  • Clarification Process Sub Module
  • Submission of Bid/Receipt of Bids/ Bid Opening Sub Module
  • Evaluation of Bids Module (automatically and manually)
  • Purchase Order Handling and Contract Awarding Module and e-Catalog System
  • Complaints and Appeal handling module
  • Payment Module
  • Contract Administration and Project Monitoring
  • e-Learning Platform